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Get Free Pocket-Sized Copies of U.S. Constitution

Adamson & Cleveland, LLC, Offers Free, Pocket-Sized Copies of the U.S. Constitution

Norcross, GA – The Norcross personal injury lawyers of Adamson & Cleveland, LLC, are pleased to announce that their law firm is now giving away free, pocket-sized copies of the U.S. Constitution to those in Gwinnett County and throughout the Greater Atlanta area who want to learn more about the framework for our federal government and their basic rights as U.S. citizens.

“So many Constitutional issues are prominent in the news today. We think it’s helpful to have your own copy to reference rather than simply relying on interpretations of it in the news,” said Kevin Adamson, a founding attorney of Adamson & Cleveland, LLC. “Reading documents this old can sometimes be a challenge because of changes in our language and word usage, but the Constitution is actually quite easy to read and understand.”

Those who would like to order a copy can simply go to our law firm’s website and submit an easy-to-complete online form. Adamson & Cleveland, LLC, will send the copy free of charge.

The copies contain the complete text of the U.S. Constitution as well as the Declaration of Independence. They also feature artwork and quotations from famous figures that reflect upon the meaning and importance of the Constitution.

Additionally, each copy contains a Pledge that readers can sign in which they vow to maintain and promote the Constitution’s “standard of liberty for myself and for my posterity.”

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